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What is Print Utility for Android

Print Utility for Android is a free print and scan application for AndroidTM devices. You can improve your work effectiveness by using mobile devices in conjunction with FUJIFILM Business Innovation's MFPs, printers and softwares. You can use settings, such as N-up, duplex printing and authentication information to reduce office TCO and prevent from leaving your prints behind on the printers.


The advantage of Print Utility for Android

Using AndroidTM device connected to the wireless LAN access point, you can print web pages, stored photos and photos taken by camera on any available MFP/printer that will be detected automatically. You can also print from applications running on AndroidTM*1
You can also send scanned data of paper document to your AndroidTM devices. (If auto recognition fails due to the construction of MFP/printer, you can input the IP address of MFP/printer to your AndroidTM devices and then start printing or scanning.)

Print through Wireless LAN access point
Print through Wireless LAN access point

Print or scan without access point is available on Wi-Fi Direct® compatible models.

Direct print without Wireless LAN access point
Direct print without Wireless LAN access point

Note: For models supporting scanning, please refer to the available models page.
Note: Please use this application in the Wireless LAN environment.
*1 :AndroidTM 4.4 or above is required.

Linking with NFC

You can automatically start printing just by touching your Android device the NFC*1 tag (icon mark) of the control panel for Print and Scan with Print Utility. Easy output is realized since you no longer have to specify the output device.

Linking with NFC

Note: For select models only
*1: Near Field Communication (near field wireless communication)

Print and Scan via Cloud Service Hub

With FUJIFILM Business Innovation "Cloud Service Hub", you can print various types of file formats such as Microsoft Office stored in your mobile device or a cloud service and send scanned data to cloud directly.

5Print and Scan via Cloud Service Hub


Print from application

By pre-registrating MFDs and printers in Print Utility for Android, print from Microsoft® Office Excel®,Word,PowerPoint®, Adobe® Reader® and applications that support print function, including Google ChromeTM, GmailTM, Google DocsTM, Document, Slide, Spreadsheet, to FUJIFILM Business Innovation MFDs or printers is available with simple operation.

Note AndroidTM 4.4 or above is required.
Note :Switch on Settings>Print>FUJIFILM Business Innovation Print Utility in AndroidTM devices to register output MFDs or printers.

Easy print from mobile devices

Print DocuWorks and PDF documents

The content of the document you are browsing now can be previewed and printed on FUJIFILM Business Innovation's MFP/ printer by calling Print Utility for Android from DocuWorks Viewer Light for Android for DocuWorks documents or application for PDF documents. In addition, it allows you to print documents with stapling settings.

Print web pages

Displayed web pages can be printed by using Print Utility for Android. Multiple web pages can be printed in the 2-up duplex printing format, reducing printing costs.

Print Albums

Photos saved in a photo album can be selected and printed. You can print large size photos in 4-up on A4-sized paper. You can also print multiple photos side-by-side on one sheet of paper by reducing their size. Before printing, you can preview the print result.

Shoot & Print*1

You can print a photo immediately after taking it. By simply selecting the paper size, the photo is automatically enlarged and printed in the selected size.

*1: Only for AndroidTM devices that contain an internal camera.

Private Print with Print Utility for Android

In case of print from mobile devices, data will be stored in MFDs temporarily before being printed out. Users are required to enter password on the operation panel to avoid mis-print or leaving prints behind on MFDs, thus preventing from risks of document leakage.

Private Print with Print Utility for Android

On Demand print by ApeosWare Management Suite

You can take advantage of On Demand print, User Authentication and Log Management of the ApeosWare Management Suite*1 . Documents printed by Print Utility for Android can be retrieved anywhere by the On Demand print feature. This contributes smart printer usage in your mobile work.

7On Demand print by ApeosWare Management Suite

Note: Ver.2.0 will be available in ApeosWare Management Suite Linkage. 
*1 ApeosWare Print Management is required. ApeosWare Print Management v1.2.0 or above is required.

Server-less On-Demand Print

Server-less On-Demand Print allows users to print jobs from another available MFP even when a designated MFP is busy to print. This helps print jobs from smartphones and tablet terminals.

8Server-less On-Demand Print

Note: MFP requires the optional Server-less On-Demand Print Kit.
Note: Only for models that supporting Serverless On-demand printing.

Scan from scanner

Paper documents can be scanned and sent to your mobile devices. Scanned images can be stored in Gallery, sent by email or uploaded to cloud storage service to expedite paper-based information transfer and sharing.
You can rotate scanned images as necessary for easier handling and viewing.

Note: The scanned image will not be stored in Print Utility for Android.

Capture with camera

Photos taken with mobile device camera can be printed, stored in Photo Album and uploaded to cloud storage.
After taking photos, you can correct them with the keystone correction function to make them rectangular before storing. In addition, as the tone correction and image rotation functions are also supported, you can distribute information more efficiently; you can easily correct photos of documents of meeting notes on whiteboard, save them as an electronic file in a easier-to-see format and share them with others.

You can download from Google PlayTM for free.

Print Utility for Android can be downloaded from the Google PlayTM FOR FREE.


Print Utility for Android Operating Environment

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