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This page includes Fuji Xerox product(s), licensed from Xerox Corporation.
The distributor of the product(s) is FUJIFILM Business Innovation Corp.


Efficient handling of electronic document with electronic tray

DocuWorks Tray 2 is a DocuWorks option software that allows you to efficiently handle electronic documents.
DocuWorks Tray is linked with our multifunction device and can be used to improve the business process.


Enables transfer of documents amongst multiple users on the network

By creating the bridge for storage location of DocuWorks Tray with the shared folder, documents can be transfer between users easily. Simply drag and drop the electronic document using the tray gadget, the same way like placing paper documents into a physical tray, except doing this digitally. 

Enables transfer of documents amongst multiple users on the network 

Notification for arrival of new document is indicated by a pop-up window, sound, and icon.

When a new document is placed in the electronic tray, a "New Notification" screen pops up with a sound. In addition, a "NEW" icon appears in the tray gadget to signal the arrival of a document. Thus you can take care of urgent business matter immediately and expedite the business process.

Advanced thumbnail view of DocuWorks documents in the tray

Double-click the tray gadget to open the tray window and view thumbnails of documents. Thumbnail view in DocuWorks format can be enlarge by holding down "Ctrl" and "Shift" key together. This can help you in identifying prioritised action marked on the document using the electronic stamp and electronic notepad.

Deliver electronic documents to multiple users

You can deliver the same electronic document to multiple users with one simple operation.
The document is display as "NEW" if unattended and disappear from the electronic tray after it is retrieved. Documents in the business process flow can be monitored easily by viewing the tray status. 

Deliver electronic documents to multiple users

Bring efficiency to business process with visualization of workflow

Display all the trays related to your current task on the desktop to intuitively determine the number and flow of documents that need to be process at each step. This allows you to check for bottleneck and load of the business processes and improve in efficiency.

Bring efficiency to business process with visualization of workflow

Link with multifunction device

Faxes received or paper documents scanned via multifunction device can be converted to DocuWorks documents and placed in tray. Notification can also be sent only to tray containing documents with attributes registered*. Example, it is possible to notify only Sales A about the fax received from Company A. Thus, reducing paperwork and increasing efficiency through sorting of tasks.

Link with multifunction device 

* Version 2.1 or later. Only when the tray's storage location is a Windows shared folder.


Link tray with Working Folder Service*

Working Folder, a FUJIFILM Business Innovation cloud service, can be used as the location to save document trays. This enables secure document sharing with other companies and clients via the internet. You can view from the "operation history" to find out who and when accessed (stored / retrieved) each document and view their usage activity on each folder.


Link tray with Working Folder Service

* A separate service agreement is necessary.


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