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Unlock your Evolution

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This page includes Fuji Xerox product(s), licensed from Xerox Corporation.
The distributor of the product(s) is FUJIFILM Business Innovation Corp.


Unlock your Evolution

The ApeosPort-VII series from FUJIFILM Business Innovation is designed to accelerate your business evolution, removing technological barriers to allow you greater flexibility to work the way you want to work.

The entire user experience has been redefined, from its clever interactive touch screen and intelligent automated processes, to its seamless integration with cloud services and security features, allowing you powerful control over the creation and distribution of physical and digital documents, as well as predictive management for timely informed decision making.

The ApeosPort-VII series is at the heart of your pathway to realise enhanced businesses operability and scalability. Welcome to your business evolution.


A more connected world is the key philosophy behind FUJIFILM Business Innovation's pursuit to re-define the user experience - and this is embodied in the ApeosPort-VII Series.

Incorporating familiar gestures of tap, swipe and select, and customisation to suit your workflow, the redesigned touch panel is your gateway to a new dimension of operability. Easy connectivity options with mobile devices and various cloud services, and a range of smart sensors working in the background to make sure the device is ready to go, when you need it, as you need it.


All new User Interface (UI)

Smart user interface

Completely renewed UI panel design

The new UI panel can be operated with a tap and swipe just like a smartphone, adding an intuitive and familiar user experience to device operations. All operations can be completed using a single finger on the 10.1 inch colour touch panel. The improved menu navigation makes finding menu items easy, with fewer steps, improving overall operability.

Adjustable UI panel angle

A tilt mechanism has been adopted to enable angle adjustment, enabling the screen to be adjusted to avoid light reflections, or for the user to adjust its angle for an easier view.

Adjustable UI panel angle

Advanced operability

Colourful and user-friendly
Each function has been cleverly grouped by colour, allowing easy user recognition. Frequently used basic functions are displayed in the coloured area so they can be easily found and actioned.

Colourful and user-friendly

Easy to find and locate
A hierarchy-free screen structure enables the various settings to be checked in a list. Detailed settings can also be specified via tap and swipe operations with a single finger.

Easy to find and locate

Support for multiple languages

The device supports multiple languages including Japanese, English, Chinese (simplified/traditional), Korean, Thai, and Vietnamese, and can be easily switched to accommodate different users.

Selecting a destination becomes even easier

Destinations can be easily specified from the UI panel when sending a fax, and when sending an email or storing data to your computer when scanning. With the uniform display, only the usable functions and destinations will be displayed according to what you have entered. Even if you are unaccustomed to operating this device, you should be able to specify your destination without worries.



Near Field Communication (NFC)

The FUJIFILM Business Innovation ApeosPort-VII series offers NFC technology as a standard, for simplifying the print and scan process. Using NFC technology, a contactless communication can be established between a mobile and the multifunction device.

Wireless LAN Kit

Adding Wireless LAN kit option, provides customer with a choice of further securing their print environment by providing separate printing options to their guests and employees respectively.

Print Utility

FUJIFILM Business Innovation Print Utility enables users to print directly from iOS or AndroidTM devices, putting mobile printing and scanning convenience at your fingertips. Print stored photo albums, web pages or shoot and print on the go from your iOS or AndroidTM device. Simply wave your NFC enabled mobile device on the multifunction device to automatically launch Print Utility and you are ready to print or scan.

Portable UI

Your smartphone (iOS and AndroidTM ) can be used as a portable UI panel. Simply set a job on your smartphone and touch the NFC (near field communication) reader of the multifunction device to perform basic operations such as copy, scan and fax (Store to Folder or E-mail).

Portable UI

Up to 30 favorites can be registered
Portable UI for Business enables up to 30 frequently used sets of settings to be registered as favorites. These settings can be recalled with a single touch. The destination for sending faxes or saving scanned data can also be registered for added convenience.


FUJIFILM Business Innovation Cloud Services

FUJIFILM Business Innovation Cloud Services

     User CSH (Cloud Service Hub) to connect with your favorite cloud storage.

Direct Print
     Use Cloud On-Demand Print feature to directly print from FUJIFILM Business Innovation cloud server while visiting remote office location.

Document Security
     Cloud based solution of Final Code allows user to set document rights at the device itself.

Device Accounting
     Users can access Device log management service on web browser to gather usage data and allocate cost to relevant users.


User Friendly Operations

User friendliness via light and sound

The device cleverly uses light and sound to notify the user of its state. A gentle sound is easily heard over office noise, changing to correctly notify the user of a completed job. The center tray area is equipped with a sensor - a soft blue light flashes while printing and stays lit when printing is completed, signifying a job ready for collection. This reduces information leaks due to unretrieved printed documents.

Light to notify

Smart WelcomEyes

Sensors installed in the multifunction device detect an approaching user, automatically waking the device from sleep mode. This allows sleep mode to be engaged permanently for excellent energy saving - while ensuring that the device is ready to go, when you need it.

Document multi-feed detection

The Duplex Automatic Document Feeder (DADF) features an ultrasonic sensor that is capable of detecting overlapping documents feeding incorrectly, preventing scanning errors when copying or scanning multiple documents.

     Note: Provided for C7773 / C6673 only.

Widely supporting various paper types

From postcards to long paper
The device supports a wide variety of sizes and weights, from envelopes, postcards to long documents up to a maximum of 320 x 1200 mm*1, and from 52 to 300gsm. Long printing*2 feature gives the ability to print longer documents such as banners.

Widely supporting various paper types

     *1: Printable area is 305 x 1194 mm.
      *2: Only supported by the PCL driver and the Adobe® PostScript® 3TM driver.

Retractable paper tray closed with a gentle push

Paper trays are equipped with a retracting mechanism that gently closes the tray without pushing it in all the way.

Retractable paper tray closed with a gentle push

Knowledge is power. However it's the visibility of the right information, at the right time, to the right user which helps define this power.

The new ApeosPort-VII Series incorporates a host of services* that delivers key operating information such as pre-emptive alerts, usage data, and required resources - intelligence that will assist you to mitigate downtime, maximise productivity and increase your operating margin.

     * Customers need to activate the following FUJIFILM Business Innovation services (at no extra cost) to receive described benefits
        EP-BB: Electronic Partnership Broad Band service

Unlock your Evolution | Carefree print management

Customer Site
  • Inter department information sharing
  • Risk mitigation
  • Informed decision making
Device Log information
  • Usage patterns
  • Consumable level
Share information with customer
  • Usage Data
  • Timely alerts
  • Green Report
  • Monthly health check reports (Check with local FUJIFILM Business Innovation office for RDHC service availability in your respective region)
Dispatch required resources
  • On time consumables
  • Service parts
  • Field Engineer
  • Scheduled online firmware upgrades
TQMS Predictive Maintenance Support
  • Prognostic analysis based on usage and wear characteristics to predict failure and address potential issues before they occur
  • Schedule maintenance based on time, condition and operation


Self running environment

A joint partnership between customer and FUJIFILM Business Innovation to create a constant health monitoring system. A predictive approach with timely actions is able to improve overall efficiency while people can focus on their core jobs.

Key Benefits

Informed decision making

Single point of management for networked devices including a central collection point for meter data, providing a complete view of the enterprise.

Knowledge sharing

Automated supply tracking and reordering capability enables end-to-end supply and just-in-time inventory management through continuous device monitoring ;Sync Supply chain ordering process with individual departments.

Better operating margin

Costs are optimised through a centralised approach and enterprise-level view of your printing environment.

Improved efficiency

Downtime is minimised with faster problem response and issue resolution through automated alert features, resulting in greater customer satisfaction.

FUJIFILM Business Innovation proudly defines its holistic security approach on the basic principles of Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability.

The new ApeosPort-VII Series incorporates security features to combat the significant threats facing the entire information management life cycle; starting at device level with document creation, to setting access rights for document sharing both internally and externally, to creating potential backup plans for all scanned documents for business continuity planning.


Enriched security in both hardware and software

Enriched security in both hardware and software

Communication route encryption
  • IPSec
  • SSL/TLS communication
  • S/MIME communication*
  • SMB transfer encryption via SMB3.0

     * Only supported by ApeosPort.

Data encryption
  • Enhanced encryption key management via the adoption of a TPM chip
  • Hard disk encryption
  • SFTP support in job flows
Passwords / signatures
  • Scanned document passwords
  • Scanned document signatures*
  • Maximum 63 digits for authentication user passwords

     * Only supported by ApeosPort.

Data erasure
  • Hard disk overwrite kit for during usage
  • Hard disk erase service at removal (charged service)
Duplication control
  • Hidden text printing
  • Digital code embedding and tracking function
  • UUID printing
  • Forced annotations
Monitoring logs
  • Check usage status via access logs, etc.
  • Collect 15000 log events
Usage restrictions
  • Authentication function
  • IC card usage
  • IP address restriction
Fax mistake prevention
  • FASEC1 compliance
  • Destination reentry
  • Prohibit sending to non-address book destinations
  • Display destination confirmation screen
  • Restrict reception


Server-less authentication

Share user authentication information between multiple multifunction devices without requiring an authentication server. When you register user authentication information and associate it with the IC card ID information, this is stored in the parent ApeosPort-VII and shares it with linked devices. This makes it easy to use any linked device following authentication procedures, and reduces costs as you do not need a dedicated server.

     Note: Server-less authentication is an optional feature
     Note: Server-less authentication requires additional IC card reader


Server-less on-demand printing

If the multifunction device that you set as the output destination is being used, you can redirect your print job to another multifunction device - saving you time, especially when you are in a hurry. Check the status of your print job on the UI panel before printing using the preview displays, or change settings such as the number of copies, colour mode and one-sided/two-sided output, all from the UI panel. This improves document security and reduces waste from unnecessary printing.

Server-less on-demand printing
     Note: Server-less on-demand printing is an optional feature

Secure use of one device by two departments

An optional extra Ethernet can be added. With the extra Ethernet, a secure output environment can be created with two separate networks connected to a single device. For example, users can be divided into internal company network users and visitors, or mission-critical system users and office network users. It can even be conveniently and securely used in a shared office.

     Note: Optional
     Note: Only for SMB transfers with the print function and box job flows. Printer supported protocol is limited to TCP/IP (Ipd, port 9100).

Secure paperless fax reception

The network that can be used for the device folder where paperless fax documents are saved can now be selected. This enables received fax documents can only be checked with separate networks when using two LANs with a secondary Ethernet or when using two fax lines with a second G3 port.

Secure paperless fax reception


Image log of transmitted fax document

A simple image log of transmitted fax documents can be retrieved. The same document is automatically transferred to the SMB destination or e-mail destination specified in advance when a fax is sent. By enabling a transmitted fax document image log to be automatically retained, information can be managed, monitored, and tracked without the need to file paper documents. It also reduces the risk of information leaks.

Image log of transmitted fax document


Support for mixed sizes and multi-send

Customer can use two locations simultaneous scan feature to create potential backups of entire document flow over cloud, assisting them with ever growing need of Business continuity planning. Further, different size originals such as A4 and A3 documents can be scanned at the same time reducing considerable effort and process time.

Support for mixed sizes and multi-send

With the ever evolving world of connectivity, FUJIFILM Business Innovation is continuously working towards helping our customers achieve a common vision of seamless workflow integration to overcome redundancies, reduce turnaround times and the flexibility of working anytime, anywhere.

Connect the ApeosPort-VII Series with existing document workflows over cloud services and internal processes to achieve an optimum level of scalability for enhanced productivity.


Secure, easy printing when away from office

Inconveniences we hear

  • When I need to print away from my office, it is troublesome to ask someone else to print for me by sending the file by e-mail or handing a USB flash memory, or installing a printer driver to my laptop.
  • When conducting business with people from different departments, the required materials and corrected documents after meetings cannot be immediately printed because there is no LAN environment that can be commonly used.

As long as there is an Internet connection, Cloud On-Demand Print can be used to easily print via the cloud at external offices.

Cloud On-Demand Print

Register documents on a cloud server from a computer or mobile device and print them from a multifunction device at the location using an ID and password. There is no risk of losing data and you do not need a dedicated driver. The required documents can be printed easily and securely when away from the office.

Cloud On-Demand Print


More efficient digitisation processes

Inconveniences we hear

  • We would like to switch to file sharing on the cloud but are concerned about whether scanning and searching will remain as smooth as before
  • A large amount of time and effort is spent on entering and filing large amounts of accounting vouchers to accounting software

Multiple cloud services can be integrated into a single service with Cloud Service Hub. It also enables linkage with business cloud services of various companies and enables smooth operations.

Cloud Service Hub

In addition to Working Folder, you can scan to and search cloud storage services such as Box®, Dropbox®, Evernote®, GoogleDriveTM, OneDrive, SharePoint using a single login. Search multiple cloud services to locate your required document thanks to automatic OCR processing of your scanned documents.

Enhanced links with partner companies

Link with the cloud services of Concur, such as Concur Expense for accounting, dramatically increasing the efficiency of digitisation work for accounting.

Cloud Service Hub


Easy accounting of multifunction device usage data in multiple offices 

Inconveniences we hear

  • Telecommuting has made it impossible for a company to calculate how much documents are printed by each department.
  • Since the usage data is collected and totalised in different ways by each office, the company cannot allocate costs by looking at the overall balance.

The Device Log Service enables the logs of multifunction devices at multiple offices to be collected and totalised, reducing management costs.

Device Log Service

See who's using the ApeosPort-VII via a web browser - usage data is displayed as colour-coded charts, without needing a dedicated server or special procedures. This reduces the work of a manager and raises awareness about cost savings.

The device log service allows you to gather the usage status of all multifunction devices in one place, such as head office, instead of at separate locations. Total the results of each office and allocate costs to the relevant users.

Example of totalisation by department / Totalisation results by user

Cost Control

Total control over your print activities gives you better management over your costs and increases your efficiency. With one-touch user authentication, you can efficiently secure all print activities, preventing unnecessary wastage. User-based tracking, along with different levels of authentication (card, code, log-in), makes you an impenetrable gatekeeper - allowing only authorised users to activate the printer. Program the release of prints only when the authorised user has approached the MFD.

Cost Control

Automated Workflow

Beyond just automating tasks, Smart Work Gateway is called Smart for a reason. Your multi-function device (MFD) will facilitate the distributed document capture, and with Optical Character Recognition (OCR), document text is digitised. Mobile access and processing are possible from both iOS and AndroidTM devices-Customise this feature according to your operational workflow and free up valuable time

Automated Workflow


Smart Work Gateway uses data-centric security and Information Rights Management (IRM) to control the use of, modification and distribution of your content. With the use of IRM, your information has the highest security standards, reducing the risk of information leaks. If confidential information leaks do occur, you can respond swiftly - securing your data and identifying the source of the leak. When integrated with the FUJIFILM Business Innovation ApeosPort-VII, paper documents scanned by the device are secured with the same process as digital documents.


Simple scanning for workflows

Convert Scanned documents automatically to a pre-specified file format and destination. Once a file format and destination is registered, select the workflow button and scan the document. Add a file name by adding a document type and date to a user-defined string set on a PC, great for routine work. Efficiency in managing and utilising contracts and bills, etc. is dramatically increased.

     Note: Optional.

Smoothly scanning of irregular sizes

Irregular and small size paper documents can be automatically adjusted to the closest standard size just by scanning with the duplex automatic document feeder. Easily scan receipts and order slips without entering each individual document size.

Various scan functions

Supporting a wide range of file formats and processes
Emailed or scanned data can be converted to TIFF, JPEG, DocuWorks, PDF, or XPS*1 formats. The device also offers OCR processing*2 enabling convenient searching. Data size can be compressed to reduce network load, and a password can also be set.

Various scan functions

     *1: An abbreviation for XML Paper Specification.
     *2: Optional. 


Even easier personalised scanning

The "ScanAuto" function automatically selects the correct size/ simplex/duplex/orientation of your document, simply by pressing the start button. Also, when using the authentication function, your e-mail address is automatically set as the destination just by opening ScanAuto, eliminating the need to enter the destination.

High-speed scanning of large quantities of documents

The device can scan in duplex at a blistering 270 ppm.*1 Up to 250 sheets*2 can be loaded in the DADF for scanning.

     *1: Ppm for C7773 / C6673. 154 ppm for the C5573 / C4473 / C3373 / C3372 / C2273.
     *2: Amount of sheets for C7773 / C6673. 130 sheets for the C5573 / C4473 / C3373 / C3372 / C2273.

Newly-developed Super EA-Eco toner

The device achieves a high resolution output of 1200 x 2400 dpi using the industry's smallest toner particles providing clearer texts, lines and more beautiful halftones.


Bio-based plastic/recycled plastic

FUJIFILM Business Innovation multifunction devices adopt bio-based plastic parts using cellulose derived from wood (which reduces COemissions). Recycled plastics used in some external parts helping to reduce impact on global warming.


Reducing wasteful paper output

Received faxes can be stored in the device folder instead of being immediately printed. You can decide which faxes need to be printed after checking them on the UI panel.

Checking faxes while on the move. Faxes received in the confidential box of the multifunction device can be transferred to a smartphone or tablet device for checking outside of the office.

Reducing wasteful paper output

Bringing diversity to post-processing.

Staple/Punch/Saddle Staple/Z-fold/Tri-fold


Stapling multiple pages together


Hole punching for binders

Saddle Staple

Convenient for making catalogs and booklets


Z-folds A3 documents into A4 size


Convenient for inserting direct mail, etc.


Exit 2 Tray,
Tandem Tray Model

Side Tray 2, Exit 2 Tray,
Tandem Tray Model
Side Tray, Finisher-B3,
Booklet Maker Unit for Finisher-B3,
Tandem Tray Model
Side Tray,
C3-Finisher with Booklet
Maker, Folder unit CD1,
Tandem Tray Model
Side Tray, High Capacity Feeder (1
Tray), Fax Kit, C3-Finisher with
Booklet Maker, Folder unit
CD1, Tandem Tray Model


For users that process a large amount of copy, print, and fax documents

3-way output type

Copy, print, and fax jobs can be sorted when output. Tandem Tray and High Capacity Feeder handles user needs for high volume output.

3-way output type


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